What is myIP ?

myIP is easy-to-use software for managing an organisation's intellectual property assets and commercialisation activities.

Who can benefit from myIP ?

myIP is for professional staff involved in exploiting the results of an organisation's Research and Development. myIP allows IP Managers and Licensing professionals to share data, and alerts staff to important events related to the management of their organisation's intellectual property and commercialisation activities. The system allows staff to see the relationships between inventions, patents, agreements, and spin-outs. Financial data is captured and a comprehensive suite of reports and on-line enquiries allow detailed and summary reporting. The system can be hosted on your internal network or you can take advantage of our Cloud and myIP Web hosting option.

Why should I use myIP ?

An organisation's intellectual property is often its most valuable asset. The loss of intellectual property can be disastrous. Intellectual property data is often very poorly managed, frequently being a mixture of unrelated spreadsheets and paper systems. Often it can be difficult or impossible to get an overall picture of a company's inventions, patents, agreements, and related financial data.

myIP provides intellectual property managers, technology transfer professionals, and licensing executives with shared access to an intuitive and easy-to-use system. Pricing is highly competitive and set up fast.

About myIP Ltd

myIP Ltd was formed in July 2002 in Cambridge, England. The company specialises in supplying systems to Universities, Research Institutions, and research-oriented companies and has clients in the UK, Europe, Australasia, and North America.

How to Order myIP

To arrange an online or on-site demonstration please telephone Jeremy Kirkpatrick on +44 (0)1638 720050 or email